The Origin Of "The Jackalope"

The Origin Of "The Jackalope"

The Jacklope came into existence as a result of the treaty that ended the little known Jacaklope Hide War of the 19th century. Very little is known about these wars as they were waged in some of the most remote and hostile lands of the old west. Information regarding this conflict and the subsequent treaty are primarily based on stories passed down through the desert dwellers of the region and cryptic archives found in the vaults of The Jackalope Leather Guild.

The war has its origins in the jackalope leather accessory craze that swept through the rapidly growing suburbs of Spanish dominated San Diego at the time. Jackalope leather was in high demand to fulfill the needs of the highly discerning residents of the San Diego social scene. Jackalope leather used by leather artisans who claimed that jackalope leather was the key to the most amazing accessories that “just about sewed themselves” were “One of a kind”, and “tough as nails”.

The demand for jackalope leather was growing, and the supply was scarce. Trapping and skinning a Jackalope required nerves of steel, above average smarts, and a dose of bravery that was rare in even the toughest hombre. You see, Jackalopes are crafty, smart, tough and they fight back. Only Jackalope hunters smart enough to know you can only use good whisky to bait a Jackalope trap were successful in bringing home a hide. Jackalopes can undo all but the most ingenious traps and can read the name scratched on the trap. Once they know who tried to trap them and take the skin they are so attached to, all bets are off. It is hard to hide from a Jackalope with a vendetta in the badlands of the old west. So began The Jackalope Hide War.

Old timers further described the only trappers who had any success in collecting Jackalope Hides as having balls of brass. The Jackalopes of the time decided that an “eye for eye” was appropriate and began collecting those “brass balls” from the jackalope trappers unlucky enough or unskilled enough to evade the vengeance of a disgruntled jackalope. These balls of brass impaled upon a Jackalope’s horn became almost as a popular accessory among the jackalope as were jackalope leather wallets among the San Diego Suburbanites. Blood was flowing freely across the old west; both jackalope and trapper blood. Both sides were distraught at the carnage.

In stepped a small group of highly skilled leather craftsmen who proposed a solution. While they knew that other types of leather weren't going to “sew themselves”. They were confident that their skills could provide goods to the San Diego Suburbanites that were “one of a kind” and “as tough as nails” and would satisfy the discerning taste of this fickle crowd. They brought both sides together and negotiated a treaty that allowed the jackalopes to keep their skin and trappers possession of their coveted brass balls. They then began working hard to fulfill the needs of the San Diego Suburbanites for high quality leather goods. The treaty was agreed upon by both sides and peace was celebrated with a river of fine whiskey. The Craftsman came together after recovering from a wicked hangover and formed The Jackalope Leather Guild which is commonly known as The Jackalope.

The tradition continues to this day, and The Jackalope have passed their skills down through the generations and continue to create quality goods that are not only available to the select few in the San Diego Suburbs, but to you as well. If you are as discerning as a San Diego Suburbanite and want your leather goods to be as tough as a Jackalope, check out the selection of fine goods from The Jackalope.

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