The Jackalope is a community based small batch maker of bags and accessories utilizing waxed canvas and leather.   The Jackalope combines overbuilt craftsman ship with timeless styling to create objects that can be used hard and withstand the tests of time.   The unique nature of both leather and waxed canvas create a patina with age that tells the story of the travels of the object and that of its owner. 

The Jackalope has deep roots in its home of La Mesa.   Each item is built by hand in La Mesa and reflects the heritage and values that La Mesa has instilled into the brand.   By living the motto:   “One of a kind, tough as nails”  We do our part in reducing needless consumption and providing pieces that will become family heirlooms. 

 We are the Spillers; Peter, Perri, Eleanor and Elizabeth.  Together we operate our little family business that we are proud to call The Jackalope.  The Jackalope began as a hobby in our garage in La Mesa California in 2019, has evolved with the support of our wonderful community of like-minded individuals into what you see today. We are so proud of each of our USA handmade leather and waxed canvas goods that we create, and we hope you are as well. Your support means the world to us and we're excited to have you become part of The Jackalope family.