Lifetime Warranty

We very much appreciate the support here at The Jackalope through your purchases. We are incredibly proud of our work, and strive to live up to our mantra “One of a Kind, Tough as Nails”. We do work with leather, waxed canvas and thread and there is that possibility that things can go wrong and break. We understand you purchased a product from The Jackalope with the idea that it will last a long time and serve you well. As such we warrant our house made products against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and proper maintenance for the life of the item. Our products are meant to patina over time and show the history of its travels..  Any fading, marks, scuffs or defects that do not affect the integrity or use of the product are considered patina (and not a defect), and is not covered in as part of this warranty. 

What that means is The Jackalope will repair or replace any part of the product found to be defective. If we can fix your item we will do that. If it is not repairable, we will replace it. Please be aware that colors and finishes used in our products will change from time to time as will styles and logos. In the event we no longer carry the product purchased from us we will provide a store credit of equal value of the original purchase.

We want you to be comfortable that our products will stand the test of time. However we expect that our products are used hard in the ways typically intended for that product type.  Using a product for something other than what was intended will void this lifetime warranty.  

So be good to your handmade goods and it will be just as good if not better back. Treat it like trash and it will look like, and eventually turn into trash.    

This lifetime limited warranty is not transferable outside the original owner.. We will require your email or shipping address to verify that you did buy directly from us. We appreciate  you all and want you to know we back you and our products.

We only warranty products manufactured by The Jackalope.   Products by other vendors sold by The Jackalope are not covered under this lifetime warranty.