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Metal Cloth & Wood

Round Brass Pill or Trinket Box- Metal Cloth & Wood

Round Brass Pill or Trinket Box- Metal Cloth & Wood

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These round brass boxes are the perfect, little personalized gift. You can hide a little note or poem inside of it, a small piece of jewelry, tiny photo, or any other token of love or remembrance (provided it's tiny enough to fit!)

Box measures 2-5/8" wide x 5/8" tall (6.7 cm wide x 1.5 cm tall) This box is fully made in the USA and features a working hinge and button that catches when the lid is pushed down. It pops open with a simple push of the button.

It's such a cool, little item if you're looking for something unique! Box will be polished and antiqued and double coated with an eco-friendly sealant to preserve its finish, so no polishing will be required. Box is constructed from lead-free brass and is uncoated on the interior, making it safe for temporary storage of supplements or meds, but please note this box is not air-tight or water-tight, so use your best judgement.



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